Original Works

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Power of the Pyramid (1980)
Chuck Herriott & Ken Murphy

power of the pyramid - chuck herriott Description: When Old King Cole leaves his daughter in charge of Nursery Rhyme Land, the evil Snidely Dimwit steals the pyramid of power. A hero is needed to fix things.

A one-act Children's play w/music. Lots of characters, double casting possible.

Out of Work (A Working Title) (1992)
Chuck Herriott, Ken Murphy and Ruth Lawrence
Out of Work - Chuck Herriott Description: A Russian Clown defects to Gander, NL, and tries his best to find work in a place where work is hard to come by.

A Full-length Comedy/clown-based theatre. 3 Actors (1F, 2M).

The Land That Clean Forgot (1994)
Chuck Herriott and Ken Murphy
the land that clean forgot - chuck herriott Description: Two kids fall through a hole in a landfill and discover the trash the world is throwing away is hurting the planet and that it is up to them to save it.

A one-act Children's play w/music. 4 Actors (2F, 2M – double casting).

The Court of King Tizzy (1996)
by Chuck Herriott and Beni Malone
(image added shortly) Description: Prince Giddy finds a magic ring which enables him to shape-shift and cause havoc in the kingdom.

A one-act Children's play w/ 3 Actors.

The Cold War (1994)
by Chuck Herriott
the cold war - chuck herriott Description: Two down-and-out roomates try and survive an eternal Newfoundland winter.

A Full-length Comedy w/ 2 male actors.

Sheila Na Geira (1997)
by Chuck Herriott
Sheila Na Geira - Chuck Herriott Description: Based on a Newfoundland Legend. An Irish princess is captured by pirates.

A Full-length Musical featuring 15+ M & F actors.
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Born With The Caul (1998)
by Chuck Herriott
Born with the Caul Description: An outport family prepares to move their house across a bay.

A Full-length Comedy featuring 6 Actors (3M, 3F).

Maid of Avalon (1998)
Chuck Herriott and Beni Malone
Maid of Avalon - Chuck Herriott Description: A Newfoundland version of Brecht's Good Woman of Schezuan.

A Full-length Drama w/ 5 Actors (2F, 3M).

Plaisance! Tempus Fugit (2004)
Chuck Herriott
Plaisance! Tempus Fugit - Chuck Herriott Description: A hysterical peek at 400 years of the French in Newfoundland.

A Historical Comedy w/ 6 Actors.

Borrowed Black (2007)
Chuck Herriott
(image added shortly) A Theatrical adaptation of Ellen Bryan Obed's book by Chuck Herriott.

Corner Boys (work in progress)
Chuck Herriott
(image added shortly) (1 actor) Description: Set in 1890's St. John's, a photographer captures the lives of some of the city's more colourful characters on film.